Ivona Amaritei

Senior Partner


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As a senior architect and also CUMULUS partner, Ivona is eager to support new architects, to create and coordinate teams, having the great ability to harmonize perspectives. She strongly believes that architecture should be conducted with confidence and honesty, keeping in mind that the ultimate satisfaction is generating a new world. 

Ivona joined PZP 11 years ago and took part to almost all the major projects, such as designing premium hotels, IBM, DELL or BCR offices. At CUMULUS, Ivona is admired for being a competent architect, having a mature and documented perspective. Over the years, she realized that the most fulfilling projects for her are the ones at big scale.

CUMULUS is a challenge that Ivona welcomes it in her life because it is the perfect opportunity to work side by side with talented architects, to be part of a great team, to adventure together in greater and greater projects.

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