Courtyard by Marriott opens its doors!

We are very excited to let you know that our latest project – Courtyard by Marriott 4* – is ready to welcome its firsts guests on Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, No. 2A

A while ago, we talked about what this meant to us.

Building the first Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Romania meant handling its architecture from concept to execution details and the interior design. Managing a 13 million Euro construction investment was possible through an efficient coordination in the BIM platform with the other teams involved in the project.

Proud of all the Cumulus team members who have worked on the Courtyard by Marriott hotel: business developer – arch. Liviu Zăgan, arch. Ivona Amariței – contract manager, technical & concept coordinator; project leaders –arch. Alexandra Nicolau, arch. Maria Fofircă, arch. George Nițoiu, arch. Corina Nicolau, arch. Laura Parghel. 

Discover our work by browsing the photos below.