Romania’s National Pavilion concept for Expo Dubai 2020

as seen by Andrei Cumpănășoiu at the National Conference Urban Concept in Sibiu

Our colleague, Andrei Cumpănășoiu – Senior Concept Architect, part of the team that has worked on developing the concept for Romania’s National Pavilion – New Nature – for Expo Dubai 2020 will share his insights on the topic within the National Conference - Urban Concept - in Sibiu.

This year’s theme is Architecture – Urbanism – Sustainable Development.

”I will be exploring the ideas that led to this proposal and the link between the concept and the unprecedented stage in which our planetary civilization finds itself, a crucial stage for ensuring the survival of mankind and the entire planet. We believe we can get closer to an integrated resolution by exploiting the home-grown potential and connecting it to the universal conditions, making use of the transfer of knowledge, ideas and resources that Romania has”, Andrei thinks.

You can check out interviews about the project here and learn more about the idea behind the concept here.