Our response to COVID-19

Dear partners

We would like to inform you that in the next period, in order to reduce the risk of infection with SARS CoV -2, we have also taken the recommended measures, so that, starting March 12, we decided:


1. To work from home, permanently connected to the team and projects, so that we maintain the initial plans and schedules

2. To cancel any physical face-to-face meeting, but to organize them online, by video or teleconference, agreeing together.

3. The documents will be transmitted predominantly electronically, and when the printed and stamped documentation is required, we have ensured the delivery flow.

4. The site visits of our team members will be minimized and sustained, with strict compliance to the safety measures recommended by the Ministry of Health


We thank you for your understanding and we rely on your support for the successful implementation of our plans.

If you have any other recommendations or requirements, please let us know.

We are available during working hours at office@cumulus.one, phone: 0749033233.