Eliza Yokina

Senior Partner


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With a creative personality, yet with an eye for details, Eliza is drawn to the sensitive reinterpretation of architecture and to the story behind it. Founding member of SYAA in 2006, founding member of De-a Arhitectura Society, winner two years in a row at Bucharest Architecture Annual with 11Houses project, Object Design section and with Simbio Kitchen & Bar project, at Rehabilitation and Transformation Section, Eliza translates architecture as a way of better understanding life and the society we live in. Eliza was selected a grand prix winner two times: one time at the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2010, Holiday House Section, for the Bosco Club project and the other one at the Publishing Industry Gala 2012, for Dreams about Houses project and a story book for parents and children as well. As an artist always true to her inner nature, Eliza powerfully relates to art and object design. For her, CUMULUS is a challenge to work at ther best, to offer more, being the place where she can explore better her creativity and sensibility. 
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