Amzei Square

Competition for desinging agro-alimentary Amzei Square 2007 - Second Place

Amzei Square is one of the most important landmarks of the city - but with mainly commercial character - that can turn into an urban market, a meeting and communication space. Is where the townsman and peasant mentality take contact, a genuine civil society center, a catalyst of critical and participatory mentality.

 Niches of personalized public spaces are defined within the general pedestrian space, coagulated around key points: the church, the Town Hall, the theatre. The building that houses the central market, having on one side the town hall and on the other the Theatre for Children, dominate the square and divides it into four areas, each with its own character. 

 The market building with arcades is a quasi-transparent skin which delineates an area of Amzei urban space and not a big shop with an agressive volume.

 This approach relates to the tradition of this space, to a functional and poetic intention of continuity, to the necessity of maximizing the planimetric size of the urban market, and reporting the new building to the Town Hall by constructive and technological contrast, but with formal empathy.

 The arch - the "archetypal and recognizable " element - has both intended to create a simple rhythm, rational and friendly, and the reconsideration of the great arc of the northern shaft of the Town Hall.

 The subtle dialogue with the thematic axis is nuanced by placing the main access to space by treating it as a sale and development of urban foyer which supports access hall.