Office fitout

Ana Tower 5th floor Offices

The last year and a half has showed us how much of an impact our home has on our work and focus. As everyone is slowly coming back to work, we aimed to bring a little bit of “home” into the office and the “Working from home” concept was born.

1,000 sqm
Costin Beekman, Anca Bendescu, Maria Oprea, Razvan Malancioiu, Marina Pasarin, Alexandru Nastase, Yasmin Asan, George Nitoiu
Moise Bogdan
Muuto, Ahrend, custom made

The offices we designed last year for this client have over 1000sqm and the flexibility of the workspace was a big aim of this project. Different scenarios were imagined, both for individual and collaborative work and the result consists in a variety of working spaces: phonebooths, open space desks areas, meeting rooms, social spaces, a quiet library, a greenhouse etc.  Each one having a different character or element that makes it identifiable. We mixed bold & bright colors with warm materials such as wood, in order to create a welcoming space.